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21 Aug 2019

Refreshingly Unexpected

Refreshing mix of pure water and juice, in a MashUp of exciting flavours.

MashUp is here to challenge norms and drinking habits by providing a healthier and naturally refreshing alternative to sugary beverages and soft drinks. We invented MashUp with the intention of providing a tasty no-guilt refreshment made with a mix of our very best ingredients.

Great taste without compromise

Low in calories
No preservatives
No artificial sweeteners

Meet the MashUps

The perfect
for any occasion

Our vision

The MashUp way

Our flavour combinations are here to challenge your taste buds in a light and naturally refreshing way – without compromising on taste or health. We believe that amazing things can happen when you dare to mix things up – and that’s exactly what we do with our products.


We are Curious Creatives

We celebrate and enable those who dare to think differently because we believe there is much more left to be discovered. We allow ourselves to imagine more and invite others to join in the experience.

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21 Aug 2019

Meet the refreshing MashUps

MashUp – Thirst For More

MashUp event in
Copenhagen, Denmark



Naturally refreshing drinks in tasty and surprising flavour combinations. MashUp is here to quench your thirst!